Symbiosis of space function, target group and scent effect

Consulting, creation and project management: We realize your scent goal

Fragrance concept: How your desired scent is created

First, we must differentiate in terms of the goal definition. Should a specific fragrance be recognized as a thematic element? Or a subliminally well-defined space fulfill a certain functionality? The first case is about authentic reproduction. For fragrances or foodstuffs, a fragrance may also be clearly perceptible over a large area. But what happens when odors such as kerosene or biogas appear in the thematic core? Then you have to gloss over these odors or curb them locally, as is the case with dry close-range fragrances. Also for polarizing fragrances such as lavender it is recommended to reserve special areas for lovers of this fragrance.
If we have defined the purely hedonic, that is, odorally positive air as an objective, a balanced composition is indicated. One of our most important fragrances has balanced aspects of citrus, mint and flowers. It is bright and friendly, refreshed, strengthened and relaxed at the same time. Everyone is looking for the pleasant aspect or the thing he needs most from this composition. Similarly, a mixture of woody and herbaceous nuances as well as lemon, which dissipates very quickly, but also cleans the room air. Last but not least, the location, the daytime and the season, the interior and the expectation of your customers connected with the use of space or the theme determine the alignment of the fragrance composition.


The positive effects when space ventilation is used in the right way:

  • The wellbeing of the people in the room through a feeling of well-being and a pleasant, easy scent
  • Especially in counseling / saling situations and trade fairs: better concentration and a willingness to communicate
  • Increase the motivation of the employees by activating perfumes
  • Promoting health by reducing the concentration of bacteria and reducing other harmful substances in the air
  • Strengthening the immune system, positive effects on the respiratory tract – fewer illnesses and failures
  • Customers, visitors and guests who feel comfortable and welcome to come back
  • Recognition of your fragrance note and positive memory

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