From fresh air over the air to fragrance impulses

The basis for the choice of fragrances is their utility aspect: room ventilating, ventilation, short-range ventilation

Room ventilation and air purifier

contain a balanced mixture of natural ingredients, which creates a discreet fragrance impression. The variety of fragrance components also provides for the approval of many “noses” with different fragrance preferences: everyone can see what he likes best.

Functional room ventilation

  • Cleaning the air of bacteria and negative odors
  • Increasing the sense of the value of the ambience
  • Promoting communication – the opposite is better evaluated
  • Influence on concentration, relaxation and basic mood

Theme Scent

Serve the olfactory illustration. Their fragrance character is clear: They make decorations, exhibits, motti, products, shows, etc. can be experienced through the nose and generate an emotional charge with a lasting memorial value.


Extreme theme

  • Corresponding with visual, acoustic, haptic impressions
  • Increase the emotional sensation of experiences
  • Make experiences authentic and unforgettable

Close-range diffusers

Belong to the group of themendüfte and are very succinct, they can be synonymous “genuine stink”. Their smell impression is only punctual and very briefly perceptible. However, this is enough to place them as olfactory signals for increasing attention and permanently as an anchor to the (sub) awareness of your target group.

Crater near-range jets

  • Corresponding with visual, acoustic, haptic impressions
  • Shocking briefly – without disgust to excite
  • Also make nasty experiences authentic and put them in memory


Where would you classify your fragrance idea:

  • Do you just want a good, pleasant, fresh air?
  • Would you like a catchy positive fragrance theme for your corporate brand?
  • Would you attract attention for an exhibit, for a product?
  • Would you like to illustrate a scene with fragrance accents?
  • Would you like the atmospheric support for a time or adventure trip?

Are you planning a project with scent?

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