Unique Atmosphere with Key Factors of Comfort and Recognition

Differentiated functional fragrance concepts for hotels enhance attractiveness, customer loyalty and sales

No other sense is capable of setting us into positive motion as much as the sense of smell. It is not without reason that as kiss activates the same brain region as a pleasant scent does. Exclusive hotels position themselves with AirDesign as a place of longing or as a second home. The flair of the house is characterized not only by architecture, interior and service, but it also remains a lasting memory, when the atmosphere is unique, because a fragrance spreads the joy of life.
In the olfactory design of the space concept, there is great potential to positively influence the well being of the guests through a discrete, scarcely perceptible aroma . Depending on their function and the desired direction, the various areas of the house are assigned the appropriate scent concepts and their technical implementation. Lobby, elevators and hallways, guest rooms, meeting rooms, relaxation zones, the fitness and spa complex, and above all the rooms reserved for culinary delights – including an open show kitchen – demand a professional service of their very differentiated requirements.

Here you will meet the competence of MAGIC BOX: We deliver the effective technical solutions for any of your aims and create your individually balanced scent composition.


Image source: KAMEHA GRAND Bonn


  • Focus on the lobby: the first and the last impression counts as well as the recognition value
  • Slight scent to increase the significance of the place
  • Optimization of the room air quality in the guest rooms and suites (individually controllable)
  • Functional ambient air concepts for spa, fitness, meeting areas etc.
  • Air purification in the restaurants (elimination of fatty/mixed odors)
  • Fragrant presents for regulars/VIPs
  • Creation of a private/corporate scent



Fresh, clean – functional

Precious Essences

Private Scent


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