Shopping Experience with Fragrance charged Brands

Fragrance marketing enhances uniqueness, attractiveness and customer loyalty

Neuroscience confirms that man is controlled by sensory codes. When different senses are addressed simultaneously, the effect on each sensory channel is multiplied up to ten times. This suggests to complete auditory and visual elements in the brand strategy by olfactory components. Materials, colors, light, smells and sounds reach the target group mainly on an unconscious level –  so it does not make sense to fill up the whole retail space with an intense fragrance. But it is primarly important that nothing in the place smells bad.
We succeed with decent natural ambient air care that achieves well being and positive stimulation at the POS. For the olfactory display of themed areas we transform their look into more definite scent messages. MAGIC BOX specializes in increasing the brand’s emotional value with fragrance, in the development of Corporate Scent and in the technical implementation of your fragrance idea, into effective and well dosed distribution of scent.

Image source: Sony Flagshipe Store Berlin


  • Create a pleasant ambience to rise the stay and the disposition for advice
  • Olfactory design of brand worlds in showrooms, consulting centers
  • Promoting fresh demand by seasonally attuned fragrance notes
  • Staging of theme worlds, like outdoor, sports, food
  • Air purification and odor neutralization, say in the fitting rooms



Pure air and fresh breeze

Individuality – Brand Scent



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