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Fragrance accents for attention and positive memories

Our perception of odors leads directly into the emotional center of our brain. There the decision is made about our affection or rejection. Odor impressions remain in our memory in the long term and thus influence our ability to make images of the past come alive again. The key word »Multisensual Marketing«, our sense of smells and fragrances and the unconscious and direct perception of our olfactory environment are increasingly becoming a relevant the marketing tool, especially in the conception of experience concepts and events, but also in the emotional presentation of your brand as well as in marketing strategies of innovative products and services.

Use the competence of MAGIC BOX Scent Direction

We help you to increase your attention, visitor frequency and sales. The emotional component of fragrance rises the recognition and encourages the well-being of your guests and employees – your marketing appearance gets a positive image boost.

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