Smelling makes Viewing a more captivative Event

Create the fourth dimension on screen and on stage with emotionalising scents

4D-Cinemas attract their public with animated seats, various sensory stimuli and special effects like wind , snow, rain and of course also use odors and fragrances. Scenic scents such as rainfall, fire, explosion, smell such as forest, wood, swamp, harbor and seafood, or exotic spices and other appetizing fragrances come into play here. Please feel free to ask for almost any scent effect. Ever changing odorisation to the scene is the supreme discipline of scent technology as it is valid to create a scent with a significant perception coupled with a volatile character to make room for the next scent fast enough.

For this olfactory trip MAGIC BOX offers the AirEnhancer-RLT-400 to be connected to the HVAC system or the stand-alone device AirEnhancer-ScentBeam. For smaller areas that cater a compressed air supply, the new ScentFlash is recommended.

Image Source: Conform


  • Emotional enhancement through simultaneous scents
  • Fast alternating fragrances without perceptive residues
  • Enhanced attention and long term memory for films oriented to knowledge
  • Optimized advertising in the cinema through olfactory accents
  • Wellbeing climate created by air cleaning and odor removal




Halloween, horror scenes

Adventure, exotic journeys


Adrian Manufaktur
Cayago Seabob Herford
compagnia b Cagliari

Conny-Land  Lipperswil
Cubo-Kino Ostsee Resort Damp
Europa-Park Rust/Mack Media

Filmpark Babelsberg
teAtmo Ensemble Köln

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