Technical Solutions for your Scent-Concept

Use our technical Know-how for AirEnhancement, Room odourization, Scenic Scent or Shock Effect

AirEnhancement via ventilation and airconditioning technology

For large spaces the RLT-series offers economic and functional solutions to be integrated into existing air conditioning systems catering for good, clean and scented air. The devices are designed to fit rated outputs of 1.200 – 65.000 cbm/h. Equipped with one to four different scents they are to be modularly extended to suit your individual desires.

You will find AirEnhancer of the RLT-series in Scent Cinemas and other spaces frequented by large audiences. They are successfully used in Spas and Wellness-Centres just as for the anti-septical mal odour treatment in humid spaces.

AirEnhancer RLT-Series – Fit to ventilation & air conditioning systems

Effective range above 1.000 m²


  • concentrated scent system
  • system for multiple selection of scents – up to 4 scents
  • individual adaptation

AirEnhancement for temporary set-up or permanent integration

We offer devices for rent or permanent integration. According to your specific requirements we develop several solutions for permanent covered integration since odourization technology does not have to be visible. Due to their breezes exerted in soft intervalls those AirEnhancers are applicable for odourization just around the sensual barrier but are also capable to offer brief intensive scent experiences. To make most of the latter, please employ our extensive knowledge with Scent-Directing.

You will find these devices at fair booths, on PoS, at exhibitions, in showrooms and event locations as well as any place with bad odour problems.

AirEnhancer Stand-alone – Range of types

Effective range up to 150 – 250 – 400 – 850 m²

Mini-AirEnhancer – with dry solid-gel scents

Effective range up to 100 m²


  • Control modules: manual second-interval trigger, showcontrol, DMX, EIB-building technology
  • Systems for different scents with easy handling the changing processes
  • in Outdoor areas using with special equipement

AirEnhancement Close-up Range

For targeted odourization of exhibits, scented placements and interactive kiosks we offer you a scent technology that is adjustable to the second while offering easy to use odourization without residues. The Point-of-Scent systems are interactive modules from which a scent is exerted temporarily either at the touch of a bottom or by sensor. Only the immediate surrounding experiences the scent – the rest of the room remains neutral.

Point-of-Scent Systems, ScentFlash

Effective range up to 20 m² – depends on scent-concept and intensness of scents


  • MultiSense System, with its 6, 12 or 24 scents – scented pictures are more genuine
  • digital programming it is a true benchmarking device for audio-visual presentations


  • Leasing options
  • Services for installation and maintenance


Why distribute scents coldly?

The usual way of odourization is by evaporation through heating the scents. This method entails two problems: the refreshing head scent of the composition generally evaporates first which then leaves the remains not smelling nice, then burning and hard to remove. Our technology avoids these pitfalls.
Since there is no heating throughout our devices, the scents stay genuine and original. Any form of additive is thus redundant. During our cold atomizing procedure fine scented fog is generated, numerously diluted and disolved into fragrant air before leaving the device. A very thrifty procedure. Cleaning the machines is hence facilitated and only necessary when changing the scent composition.

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