Scent is the Dimension that arouse Emotions

Scent enhance your Brand Identity and your Adventure Area

Scent creation needs specialists

Our emotions are created by 75% over the nose and an olfactically complete look looks much stronger and above all longer than a perfectly designed visual impression. Thus the emotional boosting of your brand with a unique fragrance is a strong means of differentiating from the competition and for long-term customer loyalty.
We know each other with the messages and the effect of fragrances, their composition and the balancing of the nuances. We sharpen your marketing concept and create your fragrance identity. The effect of fragrance is direct and immediate, fragrance is the dimension that we can not escape.
Use this potential for the emotional customer approach!

SignatureScent for Start ups and »Small Brands«

  • Inclusion of a suitable fragrance from the beginning of marketing planning
  • Inclusion of the appropriate fragrance for logo renewal and relaunch
  • The most cost-effective development over the practice – fragrance inserts and evaluation
  • Formats and touch points of the fragrance communication


CorporateScent for Top Brands

Phase 1 – Competition Research and Brand Analysis

  • Overview of the competition
  • Standing of the company, values, customer profiles, country matrix – cultural differences
  • Marketing portfolio for fields of application and suitable formats for fragrance communication

Phase 2 – Creation

  • Briefing and target definition
  • First creation, evaluation, adaptation
  • Determination of panels

Phase 3 – Implementation

  • Praxistests of the formats
  • Evaluation
  • Adjustments

Phase 4 – Results and Incident Identity

  • Stronger symphony and brand recognition – externally and internally
  • Increase of the visit frequency, length of stay, consultancy
  • Higher value of purchases, more impulse purchases

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