Wellness for the Nose in Waterparks, Spas and Gyms

From air purification and functional air design up to aromatherapy

Pure natural fragrances are a must have in the wellness program of day spas, fitness studios, swimming pools and spa facilities. Nature’s fragrance resources are particularly suitable for the relaxation of the guests and increase the experience of theme worlds by appropriate olfactory accents. In the gym, activating fragrances allow the workout to get more intense.  Sweat or other unpleasant air such as in changing rooms is neutralized by gaseous 100% essential oil blends, as they are antibacterial and further serve the fitness claim. Instead guests wrinking their noses, a sense of well being makes them want to return. You can use corresponding fragrance products and giveaways for customer loyalty – just ask us.

Operators of wellness or fitness equipment have to face the challenge of finding a healthy and compatible ambient air care system that can be dosed exactly. MAGIC BOX offers holistic solutions for this complex task and a large fragrance portfolio.

Image source: H2O Herford Bad


  • Creation of a pleasant first and last impression in the foyer and in the dressing rooms
  • Antibacterial air purification and odor neutralization by means of essential oils
  • Thematic and functional air design in themed relaxation areas and restaurants
  • NEW! Aromatherapeutic saunas and steam baths via AirEnhancers



Activating or relaxing notes

Mediterranean fragrance

Cleansing and refreshing blends


Aqualip Detmold
AquaMagis Plettenberg
Asia Therme Korschenbroich
Bodensee Therme Überlingen
C.N.I. Les Thermes Strassen
Cubo Wellnessanlage Landstuhl
Das Bad Merzig
Espada Freiezitbad Eschwege
Europabad Karlsruhe
Eurothermen Resorts Bad Schallerbach

Fildorado Filderstadt
Freizeitbad Atoll Espelkamp
Freizeitbad Tauris Mülheim-Kärlich
H2O Herford Bad
Jugendstilbad Darmstadt
Kristalltherme Schwangau
Krounebierg Centre aquatique de Mersch
MediSpa Bochum

Obermain Therme Bad Staffelstein
Ostsee Resort Damp
Rupertus Therme Bad Reichenhall
Schwimm‘ in Bilk Düsseldorf
Soleo Heilbronn
Staatsbad Bad Wildbad
Tropical Island Krausnick
Wörgler Wasserwelt

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