Nature Fragrances relieve Stress and strengthen Vitality

Profit from the beneficial effects of using 100% pure essential oils in waiting rooms and treatment areas

Modern medical treatment centers and beauty lounges use the ressources of nature for the relaxation of their patients and clients. Essential oils, produced by the plants for a certain function, stabilize our vegetative nervous system and influence the hormonal balance. They clarify the thoughts and have a vitalizing or either a soothing effect.
Cold sweat is instantly recognized by us and has an infective impact. Compositions from 100% essential oils completely eliminate the bacteria causing this malodor. This equally applies for further human vapours.
Creating a luxury atmosphere is a desirable objective in DaySpas and beauty salons. Where the feeling of self worth rises, the client is willing to spend more for a treatment. A pleasant odoriferous indoor air quality is an essential aspect for this positioning.

MAGIC BOX has developed the AirEnhancer scent technology without heat, so the power of the herbal agents is completely retained. Please feel free to ask for our essential oils and blends. We are glad to advise you.

Image source: JEAN D‘ARCEL Cosmetique, The Well Norwegen



  • Light scent for a pleasantly perceived air quality
  • Natural ambient air care increasing the perceived value of the ambience
  • Air purification and malodor neutralization in waiting areas and treatment suites
  • Optionally stimulating or relaxing functional fragrances during treatments
  • Multisensory well being concepts, with mutually enhancing effects of light, sound and scent



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